Twenty-Third Year


(Evening Walk, September 2016)

Hello All!

First things first: Buckle up ‘cuz the blog is back in action.

Second things second: I’ve moved to Bolivia (more to come) and made it to my twenty-third year.

Third things last: A birthday ditty I wrote at the end of Labor Day weekend cruising back to Rockford, IL from my grandparents farm. Because there ain’t nothing like a birthday ditty to start a party.


God willing sixteen more sunsets,

It will sink again on a Bolivian horizon as it always has

And I’ll be but a new observer of what has always been.


On the inside of my eyelids, replay again

So many sunsets gone

Each one a name I carry along.


In my mind, the sun will forever set on blue-stem in a Liberty field

Where Mom, and Dad, and brother will see it too.

Behind my eyes it sparkles on cottonwood leaves

And a bobwhite quail calls.


God willing sixteen sunsets more

I’ll lay eyes upon my twenty-third year

And wonder, What awaits me here?


I needn’t close my eyes to see blue-stem in a Liberty field.

Like wildfire lit upon each swaying stalk of mare’s tail and iron weed

I’ll find it burning here, as the sun sets on Cochabamba.


What a mess I make of beautiful things.

How could it be that I am sharer of this same sunset,

When with hands like His own, I have wrought pain instead?


And yet, at the end of my long day,

I, who can be so blind to the beautiful,

Am offered beauty splashed across all these miles.


How could it be that each of these has been?

How could it be that You have chosen me to see them?


God willing each one more,

Which sets behind my eyelids and sinks to where

All the names of sunsets past reside.


God willing each one more

A promise of beauty

At the end of every uncertain coming day.


Like wildfire lit upon each sunset past

Swaying within

I carry each one.


And with the sun, these swaying memories

Set afire unbroken ground within.

Step foot into Cochabamba.

Step into my twenty-third year.



‘Til next time


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