Oh hey

Hello my dear avid readers,

I’m sure you’re absolutely elated at the current moment about the prospect of this blog. I would like to add that I also am glad that I have managed to come thus far in the blog-creation process without frying my computer, chucking it out the window, or doing some other heretofore unmentioned but equally violent act of rebellion against all things technology.

So for those of you who are still unsure what the purpose of this blog is, here’s what’s up:

I’m going to Prague to study for a semester at Charles University!!!!! Woo!!!!  Wait, where’s Prague? What even is that? A type of tomato sauce?

Don’t worry, like you a few short months ago I also was mistaking Prague for Prego. And now I am three days away from leaving; on a high note I can pronounce the city name and have a better knowledge of the place and culture thanks to Rick Steves.

Instead of giving you the entire rundown of the size, population, weather, location, topography, history, price of cigarettes, etc. (all of which you can find on Wikipedia) I’ll give you a few things to chew on.

1. Prague is in the Czech Republic, formerly Czechoslovakia in Central/Eastern Europe.

2. The city is ancient and beautiful (so I’ve been told) since it was preserved from the destruction of the second world war.

3. The language spoken is Czech. No I do not speak Czech.

4. There’s castles!

5. Apparently beer is cheaper than water.


Stay tuned as I venture out into the big bad world of foreign study!!!



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